Class Action Lawsuits Against Sprint: Sprint’s “Unfair Practices” Lawsuit

Sprint’s “Unfair Practices” Lawsuit

A Class Action Lawsuit was filed against Sprint by consumers who purchased the HTC Evo 4G or the EPIC 4G smartphones. This lawsuit alleged that the carriers of Sprint cell phones were charging consumers a $10 monthly “premium” add-on for unlimited calls while they actually had not purchased unlimited service.

Sprint is notorious for raising rates on their mobile phone service. In fact, this is what many people consider their biggest problem with their cell phone service. Many people have already switched to T-Mobile, Verizon and other wireless providers in the past few years because of their high rates.

The companies behind Sprint are now claiming that consumers are overpaying for their mobile phone service. As a result, they have come up with this new incentive program that allows consumers to sign up for unlimited calling minutes with unlimited talk time for a set fee. This is called Unlimited Nationwide Mobile Talk and Text. This seems like a pretty good deal right?

Unfortunately, Sprint did not keep their word and continue to charge consumers with overcharges. These lawsuits are filed against Sprint as consumers have had to fork over money to the carriers themselves, but have not received any compensation from Sprint. For instance, if a consumer purchases a two-month plan for two months of unlimited talk time, he/she might only get two months of unlimited talk time. However, the company still charges consumers a higher rate for the first two months of their two-month plan than they charge their competitor’s subscribers.

If you were to file a claim for the “unfair” charges, then this could be the best time to contact a Class Action Lawyer for legal advice and representation. If you are unsure of whether or not you have a case, seek the advice of a lawyer who practices in the class action field.

Class Action Lawsuits can also be filed against other companies such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. Many Class Action Lawsuits were filed against Verizon and AT&T because they do not allow their subscribers to use pay as many cell phones as those that Verizon allows.

Sprint’s lawsuits are also similar to lawsuits against Verizon, AT&T-Mobile, but the lawsuits against Sprint are more unique and have merit. The plaintiffs in Sprint’s class action lawsuits argue that there has been no proof that the company has ever offered a refund to consumers who have received phone calls from their cell phones that did not support the phone service plan. The lawsuits further argue that the carriers in Sprint continue to charge consumers with overcharges, despite knowing that their consumers were already paying for unlimited service. Therefore, they do not require consumers to pay for anything unless they actually need it.

If you feel like your Sprint phone service is causing you to pay high costs for your cell phone service, it may be in your best interest to contact a class action attorney. A Class Action Lawyer will be able to review your case and advise you as to whether or not there is merit to your claims.

The courts will typically award a percentage of any judgment awarded for Sprint’s lawsuits to all of its customers. Because most class action attorneys work on a contingency basis, you would receive the full amount if your suit was successful.

There are a number of ways to file a lawsuit against a company. You can file a suit with a local Federal District Court. You can also file a suit with a Federal Grand Jury, which has the potential to cost more money.

When you file a lawsuit, you must provide certain documentation to support your claims. The type of documentation required varies from case to case but will typically include a copy of your bill from Sprint, an account receipt, a letter from Sprint, and a copy of a contract between Sprint and your cellular carrier. A copy of your contract is also required if you choose a Federal Grand Jury lawsuit.

To find out more about filing a lawsuit, including what documentation you will need, you can contact a Class Action Lawyer. Class Action Lawyers have been trained and knows the ins and outs of the different types of lawsuits, which is why they are the best person to help you with a Sprint phone lawsuit. Class Action Lawsuits are often filed to ensure the consumer gets the full amount that they are owed and do not pay less than the entire amount to a company that is not worth the settlement.

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  1. worst service ive ever had anywhere anytime. Its exasperating i want to jump off a bridge because of them constantly shutting my phone off. telling me i need to come up with $300.00 to extend it 2 weeks only to be shut off the next day. I have severe medical needs this is causing my health to decline

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