Do You Want to Use a Norplant Class Action Lawsuit?

There is a Norplant Class Action Lawsuit. Will you join it? Well, I am not a lawyer and I do not pretend to be one either. Therefore, you should not consider any information here as legal advice. If you are in a legal bind, please get expert legal advice from someone with experience in handling these types of lawsuits.

You Want to Use a Norplant Class Action Lawsuit

First of all, what is Norplant? Norplant is a new medical device invented to help those who suffer from the painful symptoms of plantar fasciitis or heel pain. It is a non-surgical treatment that involves the insertion of tiny stainless steel rods called “rebounders” underneath the foot.

The device is supposed to “free up” the pressure on the heel bone.

These tiny metal rods actually move up and down by themselves over time. The treatment can take anywhere from six months to a year. During this time the patient will probably experience some tenderness in the heel area. The feeling will be even more severe in the morning when walking.

Why did I mention all this?

I did it, because this article was meant to raise awareness about a pending lawsuit being filed in federal court in which more than 100 plaintiffs have filed suits against a medical company that manufactures and distributes Norplant. The suit claims that the company fails to provide proper warnings about the risks of their product and Norplant shocks the patients into feeling they need surgery to correct the problems. So, if there is a Norplant Class Action Lawsuit, what is the link to Norplant and Lawsuit Funding? The answer is that the lawsuit financing company that handles the Norplant Class Action Lawsuit is used by the manufacturers and distributors of Norplant to keep plaintiffs in the dark about what the true nature of this device really is.

When you go online and do a search for either lawsuit loans or lawsuit funding,

you will be confronted by dozens of companies that are claiming that they can finance your lawsuit. You may think to yourself that they must be reputable companies, but you must consider that not every legitimate lawsuit funding company is going to offer you the type of lawsuit that you really need. There are legitimate companies who only make available money to people who file legitimate lawsuits. You should only apply to those companies that will give you the type of lawsuit that you actually want.

What is the true nature of the lawsuit that you are filing? Are you attempting to collect damages for pain and suffering, loss of earning ability, future medical bills, loss of quality of life or for some other reason? These are very important questions that you should ask yourself before you make any payments on the lawsuit financing companies. It may turn out that you are not a victim of Norplant and that you should not be expected to repay any money to the company that manufactured it. So, you must not get convinced by anyone who promises to give you money when you really cannot afford to repay them.

Another reason to steer clear of Norplant companies is the fact that they will not provide you with a full disclosure of the costs that you are likely to incur if they proceed with the lawsuit.

In many instances the company simply buys the lawsuit rights from the lawyer that is handling your case and then adds few legal clauses onto those rights so that they can charge you for any eventualities. When this happens you will have no idea of the actual costs that you are going to be facing. Legitimate lawsuit funding companies will always provide you with a full disclosure of all costs so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not you wish to proceed with the funding.

One thing that you may want to consider is that even though the companies that offer lawsuit funding claim that they do not lend money, they do. You could end up spending the whole amount of the lawsuit settlement or, in some worst cases, the entire life of the lawsuit. If you are faced with the possibility of being sued for huge sums of money, there’s really nothing that you should be doing but seeking out legitimate companies that can help you obtain the money that you need for lawsuits. It is possible to get lawsuit funding, but you will need to be smart and protect yourself. Don’t take any chances and if you can get a lawsuit loan from a legitimate source then you should definitely utilize it.

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