GMAC Class Action Lawsuit

Plaintiffs’ Lawsuit against Westgate Resorts LLC

The GMAC lawsuit, or the suit against the James Smitty Management Company is a Class Action Lawsuit. This means that there are many more like you who have been or are going through the same exact experience. This lawsuit is seeking damages for injuries, suffering and other things. The Class Action lawsuit has been around for a very long time and many feel it was when GMAC (Great Lakes Industrial Commission) got caught in a litigious spiral of failure trying to make payments on their loans.

GMAC Class Action Lawsuit

So many people fall victim to these lawsuits where GMAC fails to pay their loans and they file class action lawsuits. They call this the “Palace Law Suit Planet Hollywood Westgate Resort” and the suits are filed in California. The “Palace Lawsuit Planet Hollywood Westgate Resort” is when GMAC goes into a legal spiral of failure trying to get rid of debt. It also includes a lawsuit filed by plaintiffs who were injured while at the star resorts. Many lawsuits were filed by former or current employees who say they suffered injuries while working at the Westgate resorts.

A Class Action lawsuit is an instance where an individual or individuals can file their own lawsuit against another person or company or collect damages for someone else who has suffered because of the defendant’s negligence.

In this case, GMAC falls under the category of negligent property maintenance corporation. The company that falls under this category is; Westgate Resorts Inc. and is located at Tahiti, Hawaii. The lawsuits were filed by several complainants including; disabled veterans, handicapped children, relatives of deceased military personnel, and others.

One of the plaintiffs in this case is disabled veteran named Angel Diaz, a former auto body technician at Westgate Resorts Jades, LLC.

He lost his job at the Jades due to the owner’s negligence. Angel was severely injured when he tripped on a loose grate that had come down from above and broke his leg. He is now unable to work at his job as he still has badly damaged leg muscles. His attorney is handling his case and is seeking to gain compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other related losses.

Another defendant in this case is the world famous Disney World Resort located in Florida. In case you do not know, Westgate Resorts LLC owns and operates four major resorts.

Among them are: San Diego’s Balboa Park Resort, Hawaii’s Maui vacation resort, Florida’s Westgate Resorts Jades Resort and Miami’s famous Saks Fifth Avenue. Apparently the owner of these resorts knew about the hazards of allowing kids to play on their property with potentially dangerous toys, but he did nothing to prevent their negligence and instead turned a blind eye.

The evidence reveals that both the owners of the mentioned properties were aware of the potential danger of allowing children to play on their property and did nothing to prevent it. Therefore both of them are guilty of fraud, since the injuries caused by the injuries of one of the employees, namely James Smith, have caused him to be unable to work in the same capacity in which he was employed prior to his accident. It can therefore be said that Westgate Resorts LLC is also guilty of negligence, as they knew of the potential dangers of allowing kids to go on their property, yet failed to take any action to ensure they did not cause another injury to James Smith.

If you are a resident of the state of Utah, and are seeking damages for injuries you sustained while playing on or near Westgate Resorts properties, it would be wise to seek counsel from attorneys who specialize in cases such as this.

Lawyers who have experience in working cases such as the one that this case has been filed in are very familiar with the nuances of the law in such cases and can make the difference between winning your case and losing it. You may want to consult with Utah sports law firms, or Utah law schools for legal assistance in dealing with the case of your choice.

Whether you live in Provo, Salt Lake City, Sandy UT, or anywhere else in the state of Utah, if you have suffered injuries from a trip to Utah hotels or other vacation spots, you can contact a lawyer who handles such cases. Injuries caused by falls on hotels and other vacation spots can cause serious and life-changing injuries, including brain damage and death. A lawyer who is experienced in handling cases such as the one that this case has been submitted to will know all of the necessary steps to take in order to win you compensation.

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