How to Access Free Lawsuit Databases

There are several ways to access lawsuit databases. Depending on your situation, you can use free databases such as the COVID-19 lawsuit database or subscribe to an ad-free website. You can also use the National Class Action Database or the FOIA Project. However, some publishers charge a fee for their database access. You should first find out if the database you want to subscribe to offers a free trial before you sign up for an account.

COVID-19 lawsuit database

The COVID-19 lawsuit database contains detailed data on thousands of cases filed in the United States, Canada, and the UK. Most COVID-19 lawsuits fall under the practice areas of securities, insurance, and employment law. Other practice areas include consumer protection, trademark, antitrust, copyright, and patent and trade secret cases. The most common COVID-19 lawsuits involve employment or intellectual property disputes. If you are interested in exploring COVID-19 lawsuits, try searching the database for the type of law you’re interested in.

Some of the lawsuits filed in COVID-19 have been filed by correctional officers and law enforcement employees. These employees argued that their employers failed to provide a safe work environment because the COVID-19 crisis required them to spend extra time following sanitation protocols. Law enforcement officers and police officers also filed lawsuits against their employers, alleging that they were not paid for the extra time they spent enforcing the law during the crisis. In other cases, fast-food employees filed a lawsuit against restaurant management for refusing to allow meal breaks or rest periods.

Docket Alarm

A cloud-based litigation management platform, Docket Alarm helps businesses manage the millions of lawsuits they’re involved in, streamline administrative processes, and access a multitude of court records. With customizable litigation analytics and single sign-on capabilities, this legal management system provides the legal professional with the latest information on the progress of cases. The system allows users to view damages alleged and documents drafted by particular attorneys or judges. Managers can also export case information for further analysis.

The database covers state and federal courts in 33 states, including the U.S. Tax Court, NLRB, and PTAB. It also offers analytics from selected state agencies. The platform also incorporates data from CalendarRules, Clio, and Judicata to provide users with a comprehensive view of pending litigation. Docket Alarm allows attorneys to search by keyword, court, case type, and more, making it possible to find relevant litigation quickly.

National Class Action Database

The National Class Action Database is a free online database that records the details of class actions in the United States. The database is a valuable tool for potential class members to research their potential claims. During a quick search of the database, potential class members may come across a television commercial for a class action lawsuit and learn of its fate. Some class actions have their websites, where class members can find more information and follow the appropriate steps to join the class.

While it is important to be aware of all of the available court documents, there are many other reasons to utilize the National Class Action Database. For one, you can save time – searching through thousands of lawsuits could take days, and you may find the information you were not aware of in the first place. The database also contains information such as deadlines and official action documents. As a result, it is a useful tool for lawyers and consumers.

FOIA Project

A comprehensive database of all Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits filed by news organizations and individual reporters is now available in the FOIA Project. This project, a part of the FOIA accountability engine Transactional Record Access Clearinghouse, updates daily and includes detailed information on each case and decision on an agency-by-agency basis. The database also features the latest lawsuits related to FOIA, including news articles, public statements from public officials, and legislative budgets.

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a federal law that codifies the presumption of openness, and states are required to comply with this law. Under FOIA, federal agencies are obligated to release records upon request, without regard to the basis or intended use. The act allows individuals to sue for the release of government records, and it has been used successfully to uncover fraud, waste, and abuse in the federal government.

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