How to Find Attorneys in Parkersburg, West Virginia

Are you in need of an attorney in Parkersburg? If so, you have come to the right place. Lawyer Map is the world’s largest lawyer directory. Search for lawyers in Parkersburg, West Virginia, and find their details, including office location, contact information, and area of practice. You can also read client reviews, browse lawyer biography information, and contact the lawyers directly. You can find a Parkersburg lawyer with a few clicks!

Lawyers in Parkersburg

There are several ways to find a Parkersburg, WV attorney to handle your legal needs. Searching online and looking at social media can be very beneficial. While using social media, you should also consider other resources to narrow down the search. Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube can give you a great idea of which lawyers practice in your area. If you find a law office on these websites, you can insert their link into your search to get more information on the lawyer.

If you’re looking for a Parkersburg attorney who focuses on family law, you should consider choosing someone with a broad practice in the area. You’ll find a comprehensive list of attorneys with their educational and professional backgrounds. Each profile also contains links to their website and biography. In addition to being accessible online, these profiles will allow you to connect directly with each lawyer, making it simple to choose one who suits your needs.

Lawyers in the Mid-Ohio Valley

Bowles Rice has six attorneys serving on the Generation Mid-Ohio Valley Board of Directors. Pamela Ferrell was elected president, while Christopher Nahley was elected treasurer. Chuck Hudson will serve as community chair, while J. Breton McNab will serve as education chair and Andy Schlimmer will serve as fellowship/networking chair. Additionally, Ryan Kent will serve as a board member at large.

A leading boutique litigation law firm, Fadel & Beyer is located in Parkersburg, Ohio. Its lawyers are skilled advocates for their clients and appear in state and federal courts. They represent a diverse range of clients, from individuals to labor unions to large businesses and Fortune 500 companies. If you’re considering hiring an attorney, consider the benefits of a referral from a colleague. The following list provides a sample of some of the top lawyers in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Lawyers in real estate

If you’re looking for a real estate attorney in Parkersburg, West Virginia, you’ve come to the right place. Our directory of top-rated attorneys in Parkersburg, WV can help you find a qualified real estate attorney for your case. From small-town attorneys to large-firm veterans, we’ve helped clients resolve a variety of real estate issues. From simple transactions to complicated complex lawsuits, our lawyers can help you find the right real estate attorney for your case.

There are numerous legal rights and responsibilities for tenants and landlords in Parkersburg, WV. A landlord must ensure that his property is habitable. Common problems include serious infestations, sanitation issues, lack of electricity, and failure to provide adequate protection from the elements. If these issues affect your rental property, it is vital that you work with a lawyer who can protect your interests. Parkersburg, WV has many attorneys specializing in real estate law.

Lawyers in criminal defense

You can find a reputable criminal defense lawyer in Parkersburg, WV by using the services of an attorney directory. These directories have profiles of attorneys with high levels of professional achievement and peer recognition. You can use the online directories to find a local criminal defense lawyer and compare their profiles to see if they are the right fit for your case. You can also search for attorneys based on their specialty or practice area.

Drug crimes can carry serious consequences, including incarceration and probation. Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law, has years of experience handling drug crimes in Parkersburg. His experience and knowledge of the law will allow him to provide you with an expert defense and sound legal advice. Shoplifting charges can have severe consequences, including fines and jail time. The best criminal defense attorney in Parkersburg, WV will know the ins and outs of the local court system and can fight to protect your rights.

Lawyers in child custody

Child custody cases are always tumultuous, and many times, the legal system is used to make difficult decisions for the benefit of minor children. Parkersburg, WV attorneys at Steed Law Office provide quality legal representation in Parkersburg and the surrounding vicinities. Their services focus on two major areas of law: legal custody and physical custody. In many cases, these two areas overlap, and they may be equally complex. Fortunately, we have the expertise of lawyers who focus on these areas.

If you’re seeking an experienced attorney to handle your child custody case, you’ll be in good hands with the legal services provided by Chuck Stalnaker. His practice also provides other legal services, including helping veterans obtain benefits or regaining custody of their children. In addition to helping West Virginia residents resolve child custody issues, Chuck Stalnaker handles cases involving veterans denied benefits or who have lost custody of their children.

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