Lawsuit Against Straight Talk

Is a Lawsuit Against Straight Talk Worth it?

That was pretty good to hear, actually just received a notice in the mail from a class action lawsuit against straight talk radio for pulling this junk. Thinking of Straight Talk? I bet they’re still sucking up to Mr. David Austin, right? Well, maybe not. The lawsuit lists several radio shows that allegedly used innuendo, and took money from their advertisers without giving them agreed or certified fair game interviews.

Lawsuit Against Straight Talk

What does a class action lawsuit even mean? Well, it is an official lawsuit where many people come together and file a lawsuit against a wrong doer or an entity or person, instead of going after the individual. So, it makes sense. You file a lawsuit against someone. Now, you’re saying to me, well how can you sue someone or hold them accountable for what they did? Well, it’s fairly easy.

A class action lawsuit works like this: you are a plaintiff in the lawsuit.

You have to prove that the defendant is liable, and that you were a victim of wrongful, unprofessional conduct. You are seeking monetary damages, possibly an out of court settlement. Everyone is in the class, everyone pays into it, there is no limit, and you are a legitimate plaintiff, so you have a shot at winning your lawsuit.

Does this sound too simple to be true? Well, consider if you will all of the straight talk hosts on various networks.

They all routinely make comments like “Gee, if everybody knew about this stuff, then wouldn’t we all be dead soon?” You see, these guys get paid, and they don’t care if people are harmed because of their actions. It’s all about the money.

If someone wants to file a lawsuit against Straight Talk, and they are hurt because of it, they should contact a competent personal injury attorney.

There are several attorneys who specialize in cases such as yours, and they can be found on-line. Some are free, some charge a modest fee. The best ones will not only fight for you in court, but also do all they can to ensure that your lawsuit is properly filed and is successful.

Why would someone want to file a lawsuit against Straight Talk, or other similar products? Well, it’s simply because they are not protected by law in their own state, which makes them liable for what anyone says on their radio shows, regardless of whether they say anything wrong, or whether they ever say anything at all. Also, the industry of talking over coffee breaks is huge and growing. Thus, it is important for consumers to voice their complaints, both good and bad, about companies they believe are doing wrong. There are many consumer groups that help consumers file complaints. You can find them easily online.

If you think that you will win your lawsuit, you need to take other steps

. After your lawsuit has been filed, and you and your lawyer have worked out the details, you need to write a statement of claim. This statement of claim will serve as proof in court, should your lawsuit go to trial. It will also serve as the “smoking gun” in case your company’s insurance company challenges your damages. You’ll need a way to prove that you were injured, and that Straight Talk is responsible for the injury.

A lawsuit against straight talk can be an overwhelming experience. But if you do everything you can to prepare, and your lawyer is able to fight your lawsuit in the best way possible, you will win! However, if you don’t have the right people to help you, your lawsuit might fail or even make matters much worse for you. Don’t take this lightly! Speak up, and fight back!

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  1. i would like to discuss how i have brought numerous phones that will not allow me to use in a full function way. i know i have a case against straight talk . i have purchased 2 phones in the last 90 days i also have plenty of witness of my phone actions.

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