Nelnet Class Action Lawsuit

The Domina Law Group filed a Nelnet class-action lawsuit on June 8, 2019, on behalf of an Oregon woman who claimed that her income-based repayment plan was terminated before the scheduled deadline and added thousands of dollars to her loan balance. The plaintiffs have since obtained a court order allowing them to proceed to discovery. A new lawsuit was filed on June 15, 2019. This time, the plaintiffs are seeking damages resulting from the breach of contract.

The Olsen lawsuit was filed on June 19, 2018.

It involves two separate classes of student borrowers: one class borrowed funds for five years or more and used a Nelnet program called the IDR Plan, which did not process their payments. The second class is a separate legal category that received loans using an alternative method of changing the terms. The two classes each contain tens to hundreds of thousands of people, and the lawsuits have been joined by more than a hundred attorneys.

The lawsuit has a sweeping scope, and the numbers of Class Members are unknown. The number of potential class members is estimated to be around 104,122. The settlement agreement was approved by U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg in July. The settlement limits the amount of money the plaintiffs can receive. But the company has not yet released its IDRs to the public. Despite the limiting clause, the settlement allows class members to access the funds they deserve.

The Domina Law Group and Chicago lawyers have joined forces to file the Nelnet class-action lawsuit.

The Domina Law Group’s class action has a similar scope and includes several other state-based lawsuits. In addition to the Illinois case, the plaintiffs also filed a federal court case against the company in Washington, D.C., and California. They alleged that Nelnet violated the Oregon Unlawful Trade Practices Act and the Nebraska Consumer Protection Act by making illegal payments.

While the lawsuit is still largely preliminary, the plaintiffs are still pursuing their claim. A majority of the proposed class will consist of Nelnet customers. The Domina Law Group has partnered with Chicago-based attorneys to file the case. If you are a member of the Nelnet class action lawsuit, contact the Domina Law Group to discuss your case. The Domina Law Group will give you the questionnaire you need to answer to determine whether you are eligible for a class action.

The lawsuit is filed in the state of Oregon.

The Domina Law Group and attorneys from Chicago have teamed up to file a case against the student loan-servicing company Nelnet. The class action claims that Nelnet breached its contract with borrowers and made false statements to their benefit. The Domina Law Group is representing Smith in this suit. If you are a victim of the student loan industry, you should contact a lawyer right away.

In the lawsuit, Olsen and Smith claim that the Nelnet class action was unfair. They allege that the company failed to provide the loan they had promised. This is unfair and violated their contract with the government. This means that the lawsuit will be difficult to win if Nelnet does not make a fair settlement. There is no guarantee that Nelnet will make good on its promises, but it can’t afford to lose money.

The lawsuit against Nelnet has a similar claim.

The plaintiffs say that the company misrepresented its affiliation with the U.S. Department of Education and misrepresented the loans they offered, in violation of federal debt collection laws. The plaintiffs in the case filed a lawsuit against Nelnet after learning that her CARES Act deferment would not apply to her Nelnet student loan. Even though the plaintiffs are a small group, the suit is still worth reading.

The lawsuit against Nelnet was filed in Oregon on behalf of six million borrowers. The plaintiffs are not aware of the exact size of the class. However, they have no reason to fear that the lawsuit will be settled by a high-profile company. In addition to a favorable settlement, they are only claiming a few cents in legal fees. This is not fair, but it will be better than nothing.

3 thoughts on “Nelnet Class Action Lawsuit

  1. Nelnet has SCREWED me over for YEARS! While under the category as “Income Driven” payments, NELNET was charging me an additional fee of $500.00 each month. I have the proof and the TRUTH! THEY should be held RESPONSIBLE to pay off my Parent Loan in full! I am unemployed and have no income, as of 01/04/2022.

  2. Nelnet bought one of my 12 loans and I was never notified. I was in repayment with all my loans. One day a collections agency called because it had gone into default. Nelnet claimed they didn’t have any way to contact me to ask for payment or inform me of the change in servicer. The collections agency informed me they had received all my contact info directly from Nelnet. They added 4k in fees to a 4k loan, doubling it. Now, I just checked that loan, and after 10 years of IBR, it’s suddenly back in “repayment” and interest has been accruing thoughout the pandemic. WTF Nelnet. Straight up criminals.

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