NFL Concussion Lawsuits – List of Players Eligible For Litigation

NFL concussion lawsuits seek compensation for injuries and medical monitoring of players. The list of players eligible for litigation includes current and former players who sustained concussion symptoms, or disabilities caused by such injuries. Defendants may have hidden valuable information to minimize the payouts to players. If you are interested in joining the litigation process, contact an attorney to learn more about your legal options.

NFL concussion settlement excludes some Black players

The NFL’s recent dispute over its concussion settlement reflects widespread racism in the medical profession. Even though black players are no less susceptible to concussions than white players, they have trouble tapping into settlement funds because of the presumption that Black players have lower cognitive skills. In addition, the NFL’s evaluation program relies on a general baseline of cognitive abilities for Black players.

In a recent $1 billion brain injury settlement, the NFL pledged to end this type of race-norming. This method assumed that Black players had lower cognitive functioning and made it harder to match a mental deficit to a specific number of playing days. While the NFL admitted no wrongdoing, it has been accused of using this method to exclude some Black players from claiming concussion-related compensation. Critics said the practice was discriminatory and made it more difficult for Black retirees to receive awards.

Relatively small payouts for TBI

The NFL concussion litigation is proceeding forward. Preliminary approval of the revised settlement was given by U.S. District Court Judge Anita Brody last month. Although the settlement is not final, it will avoid potentially embarrassing discovery phases that would draw attention to the medical histories of former players. And it will likely be affirmed on appeal. Read the full opinion below.

NFL’s Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee was formed in 1994 to investigate the effects of repeated head trauma on players. But the NFL denied any link between concussions and brain injuries, and its own MTBI Committee, led by a rheumatologist without any brain research experience, attacked mounting medical research that linked repetitive head trauma to depression and dementia.

The race-based formula used to calculate payouts

In response to the recent allegations that the NFL’s Concussion Settlement Program fails to compensate players fairly, the NFL has committed to stop using race-based standards in the calculation of payouts. The NFL says the use of race-norming was first used 40 years ago as a way to fix racial bias. But there are a few questions about how the NFL is going to fix this problem.

Critics of the NFL say the league is unfairly treating black players in their concussion lawsuit by using a race-based scoring formula. The NFL has since settled with retired players for $856 million, which it says was sufficient compensation for their conditions. Many players believe they have not received compensation for their concussions, even though the vast majority are black.

Defendants hid valuable information

A recent ruling in a case filed against the NFL claims the league knowingly concealed valuable information about the risks of repetitive head impacts, and the football league was negligent in hiding the risks. The defendants hid information that should have been available to players, allowing the league to avoid liability and settle the case for a small fraction of what they could have paid in a jury trial.

The pending litigation against the NFL does not include current players. However, retired players can still file lawsuits against the league individually if they were not part of the proposed settlement. Those who choose to do so must demonstrate that their brain injuries directly resulted from concussions suffered while playing in the NFL. Defendants hid valuable information in NFL concussion lawsuit list of players

Defendants lied to players

Defendants allegedly lied to players in the NFL concussion lawsuit, says clinical psychologist Robert Stern. The NFL is well aware of the evidence linking repeated head trauma and subconcussive hits to degenerative brain disease and memory loss. However, the NFL published inaccurate and misleading articles to confuse players and the public. This is a clear case of intentional deception on the part of the NFL and its executives.

Moreover, a recent study conducted by Neurology Review published in the British Medical Journal found that NFL physicians systematically lied to players about concussions and other neurological disorders. The study revealed that the NFL’s baseline cognitive tests included factors such as race and gender. This means that African-American players were denied treatment and compensation based on the findings of the neurologists.

Filing a concussion lawsuit

Since 2014, more than one hundred former professional football players have added their names to a growing list of players who have filed a concussion lawsuit against the NFL. These players, who were exposed to the harmful effects of repeated head trauma, claim that the NFL ignored warning signs and concealed the risks. These lawsuits often cite scientific studies that have shown that head trauma can cause long-term neurological effects, including dementia and Alzheimer’s-like symptoms.

NFL lawyers have long denied that concussions were hidden risks, citing the lack of evidence. However, a recent class-action lawsuit against the league revealed that over a billion dollars were approved as compensation for injuries caused by repetitive trauma. In the past five years, hundreds of millions of dollars have been approved to compensate those affected. These payouts will be paid to injured players without regard to the caps placed on their compensation.

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