Payless Car Rental Class Action Lawsuit

The Payless Car Rental Class Action Lawsuit is an interesting lawsuit that has been brought against Hertz, which is an automobile rental company. This company has a policy that states that they will not rent a car to anyone that has a pending judgment against them. This policy has caused many people to be unable to rent cars from this company. Here is how the class action lawsuit works.

Payless Car Rental Class Action Lawsuit

A group of individuals that were injured in a car wreck filed a complaint against Hertz. The complaint stated that Hertz did not maintain any insurance and did not offer any car repair at all during the time that the plaintiffs were renting a car. When the car was damaged, there was not any coverage available for replacement or repairs. The court found that the policy was defective and the company was ordered to reimburse the victims for all medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other losses that they suffered as a result of the negligent actions of the Rent-A-Car Company.

There are many people that use Hertz for their car rentals.

People who drive for a living have a right to compensation when they are injured. In this case, the Rent-A-Car company was found liable and should compensate the victims for their injuries. There is currently a class action lawsuit in the courts over this matter. The goal is to have the company change their policies so that they are required to provide insurance coverage for renters who need it.

The Rent-A-Car companies have a lot of competition in the car rental industry.

Many of these companies have been sued and have had to pay damages to those that have been injured on their lots. The problem is that they do not have an unlimited amount of money that they can spend on lawsuits. The Class Action Lawsuit that has been filed against them targets their refusal to offer insurance to their customers and other problems that they have.

A car rental class action lawsuit can be filed in state or federal court. The place that you would want to file your lawsuit would be the US Court of Federal Claims in Washington DC. There are cases that have been settled in this court. These cases include a suit that was brought by a man that was killed while picking up his toddler from a D.C. restaurant. His family later had to pay for all of the medical bills that were incurred as a result of the accident.

A car rental class action lawsuit can also be filed in the courts over the issue of the car rental companies refusing to change their policies.

Many times the companies will tell their customers that the policies that they have are the ones that are written in the contract when the customer goes to rent the car. The customer then has to go to the company to get a newer one and pay an additional fee for it. Many times these fees can be hundreds of dollars.

A payless car rental class action lawsuit can also be filed in the courts against the D.C. transit system that allows people to rent cars from their cars at the airport.

Many of these individuals find that they cannot afford the monthly rents that they are required to pay because of the low income that they receive. This lawsuit has been allowed to proceed in the courts so that the transit system can be held responsible for not following the rules of the contract that they have with the renter.

In the United States there are many different car rental companies that are involved in this type of lawsuit. If you feel that you have a case against one of them, you should contact an attorney that specializes in this type of lawsuit. You should look up payless car rental class action lawsuit information so that you have a better understanding on how this type of lawsuits are handled in the courts.

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