Samsung Vs Apple Lawsuit Goes to US Supreme Court

If you’ve been following the Samsung vs Apple lawsuit, you may have already heard the big news. The two tech giants began this legal battle based on their similarities in smartphone design. Now, the two companies are taking the case to the U.S. Supreme Court. Despite a previous ruling by the lower courts, the US Supreme Court has agreed to settle the case temporarily, so both sides can continue their case.

The two companies have settled some of the cases, and a retrial of the patent infringement portion of the case will be held this year.

The retrial is a chance for Samsung to compare the original damages awarded to the new claims. Apple had originally claimed damages in the range of $2.5 billion, but Samsung argues that it didn’t do anything wrong when building its smartphones and tablets.

Thus, Samsung will not be liable for any more damages than what it has already paid.

Interestingly, the retrial of the iPhone 5 was settled on Friday.

Although it is still unclear when the next iPhone is scheduled to hit the market, Samsung lawyers are hoping to see the iPhone 5 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 before Apple launches its new devices.

To prevent similarity issues in the future, the two sides are hoping to settle the case quickly. The lawsuit is also intended to streamline the legal process.

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