Sava Senior Care Lawsuits and Negligence

Sava Senior Care, also known as “Sava SeniorCare”Sava Senior Living” is one of the leading providers of assisted living care in the United States. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, they serve patients in almost 500 locations nationwide.

The company itself has been in operation since 1954, but the Sava Senior Living name and logo were purchased by a major private health care corporation in 2020. Headquartered in New York, they service over 20,000 residents at almost 500 facilities across 23 states. These centers include both senior residences and in-home care.

As you might expect, there are going to be some Sava Senior Care lawsuits filed against the company. A number of these lawsuits have been filed by individuals who live in senior homes located in Georgia. In many cases, the complaints involve the company itself as well as the care they provide. Some of these complaints have also involved a few residents of these homes. In the past, the residents have filed suits against the company in connection with various types of alleged abuses that took place in their homes.

The company is certainly not free from the risk of pending Sava Senior Care lawsuits. They have been accused of numerous abuses over the years. Many of these allegations have been found to be true in several lawsuits. In some cases, residents of these homes have claimed that they were denied food, denied medications and even sexually abused.

The lawsuits filed against the company are not the only ones to date. In addition to the lawsuits that have been filed against the company, many lawsuits have also been filed against individual doctors and staff members that work in one or more of the facilities.

This particular lawsuit involved a doctor and two of his nurses who admitted to repeatedly abusing a patient who suffered from dementia. The doctor and nurses admitted to do this in order to get extra money for themselves. The victim’s family later filed a lawsuit against them. In the suit, the victim’s daughter and her lawyer alleged that the doctor and his nurse made the patient suffer from chronic medical conditions because of negligence on the part of the doctor.

The attorney on the case said that the patient was not receiving the type of care needed due to a medical condition. This particular patient died in 2020. and his death was ruled a homicide.

A similar lawsuit was filed against Sava Senior Care in California. An elderly resident who was not receiving the kind of care she was entitled to at her facility claimed she had been mistreated by a doctor. According to her lawyer, the staff member failed to remove the elderly resident’s catheter, which could have saved her life if it was there. The lawsuit also claimed that the doctor was negligent when it came to ensuring that medications were not misused by other staff members.

In an attempt to settle the case, the patient’s husband and her mother agreed to drop their suits against the company. In return, the family was able to receive a settlement amount that is believed to be around $1.5 million.

Another lawsuit involving senior care was also filed against Sava Senior Care in New York. The case involved an elderly patient who died in a nursing home. She was diagnosed with a terminal illness and her loved ones were seeking compensation for the medical expenses they were unable to pay because of the patient’s inability to work.

According to her lawsuit, the patient’s life was in serious danger and that her family was having difficulty paying her medical bills because of the costs associated with her condition. The case was settled in 2020 for an undisclosed sum of money. The medical billing firm, the same one who handled her case in the original lawsuit, was involved in the settlement. It was determined that the company was to blame for her death due to negligence.

There has not been a lot of news released about this company and the residents of its facilities. Many people wonder if the residents will file further lawsuits against them. But, for now, residents will probably have to wait to find out.

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