The Blue Buffalo Lawsuit May Be the Largest Pet Food Recall in History

The Blue Buffalo company is currently facing a new class-action lawsuit that may prove to be the most significant pet food recall in history. This new suit is based on the allegations that the company failed to disclose harmful substances in their dog and cat foods. The case is a potential lead plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit filed by a California man, Vladi Zakinov. He claims that his dog became ill after eating Blue Buffalo dog food, and wants compensation for his losses.

The Blue Buffalo lawsuit alleges that the company has deceptively marketed pet food that is contaminated with harmful ingredients.

The company claims that it will fix the problem by fixing the product’s composition. While the lead plaintiff has disputed the accuracy of her allegations, the claims are based on a scientific basis. The lawsuit alleges that the company intentionally misled customers into believing that their pets will benefit from its products. If this is true, then Blue Buffalo should be forced to pay all affected dog owners.

Fortunately, the case has been settled. The lead plaintiff alleges that the food contained toxic levels of lead, and a settlement was reached. The case was filed after the owner of a 4-year-old Cocker-Poodle mix, Coco, died from lead poisoning. The food was contaminated with high levels of copper, which is dangerous for pets. The lead plaintiff claims that the food had no scientific basis and the dog was not at risk of any harm.

Although the lawsuit is still pending, the Blue Buffalo company has already agreed to a confidential settlement.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed in a court hearing. Meanwhile, the Blue Buffalo lawyers are still working on suing the third-party suppliers of the dog food. The goal is to hold the trial before the end of 2017 so that the company can be held accountable. It is also worth noting that the settlement is confidential.

In October, a judge ruled that the lead plaintiff is correct in her claims. The Blue Buffalo lawsuit also cited high levels of lead in their dog food. This settlement has resulted in more than thirty-two million dollars in damages for consumers. The company also agreed to pay for the cost of the trial. However, the settlement is not the final decision in this case. The lawsuit reflects the ongoing litigation and the company’s commitment to its consumers.

In this lawsuit, the Blue Buffalo company is being sued for knowingly selling and marketing dog food containing ingredients that are harmful to dogs.

The lead plaintiff argues that these companies did not disclose the information about the dangerous chemicals in their dog food. The recalled dog food contains harmful levels of mercury and lead, which can lead to serious health conditions in the long run. This has led to a lawsuit against the company that is worth millions of dollars.

The lawsuit also states that the company is failing to test its dog food for lead and other chemicals. This claim has been filed against several companies that sell pet food, including Blue Buffalo. It aims to get the company to stop mistreating its customers with false advertisements. The company’s products are widely known to be safe for dogs. They are safe to eat. As the lead plaintiff, she has filed a class action against Blue Buffalo and its third-party suppliers.

Previously, the lead plaintiff had claimed that the company was not responsible for the excessive levels of lead found in its dog food.

A judge dismissed the lawsuit in 2017 after a year-long battle with the company. Now, the company has settled the lawsuit by paying 32 million dollars to settle the class action. The settlement reportedly focuses on the claims about the company’s false advertising and false promotion. This lawsuit is a class action against Blue Buffalo.

The lead plaintiff, in this case, argues that the company’s advertising lacked a scientific basis. The lead plaintiff asserts that there is no such thing as a credible science behind these claims. The claimant has a valid case in which Blue Buffalo should be compensated for the damage caused by their products. A jury will find liable companies only after a full investigation of the case. There are no other pending cases in this class action.

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  1. Our beloved Golden Retriever, Maggie passed away in February of this year at 6 years of age. She suddenly lost her sight and within one week suffered massive organ failure. We fed her exclusively Blue Buffalo dog food thinking we were giving her a quality food.
    Can we be involved in this law suit?
    Please advise. Thank You

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