A Laboratory Incident Could Lead To a United Allergy Labs Lawsuit

United allergy laboratories are suing some of the most common and most profitable allergy products on the market today. Why is this so? Well, a few years back a certain type of nasal spray was released onto the market that contained an ingredient called “Purple Mountain Tree Extract”. This ingredient has been proven to cause allergic reactions and should have been avoided by allergy sufferers. It is one of the worst known allergic reaction triggers in medical history.

United Allergy Labs Lawsuit

However, it did escape notice for quite a while and continued to be sold and resold throughout the United States and even Europe. Unfortunately, it was also one of the more potent allergy attacks available at that time. When you consider the amount of allergy attacks that occur each and every day, it becomes very clear that something had to be done about this substance. That is why the United allergy lab’s lawsuit was filed against Purana Mountain Tree Extract and the company that made it.

Unfortunately, the manufacturers failed to warn anyone that their product contained this dangerous substance.

As a result, thousands of allergy sufferers suffered an allergic reaction when using the product. Not only were they allergic to the tree extract, but they were also allergic to the chemical compounds that make up the product as well. That is why the lawsuit that was filed by the lab was so successful.

Even though Purana-Mountain Tree Extract is no longer available, there are still other dangerous ingredients in all of the popular allergy medications that never get warnings.

Some of the worst allergy triggers can be found right in the bottle of your medications! It is shocking to know just how much danger can be found in just about any over the counter allergy treatment. Many people simply don’t realize that these ingredients can cause them great harm and often, these products are taken without knowing. If you think that you are getting the right treatment for your allergy symptoms, then you need to double check to make sure that your medication is actually containing all of the necessary ingredients.

You should also ask to see the clinical studies and listen to the results of those studies.

If the ingredients in your medication have not been proven to be effective in treating your specific allergies, then it is simply not worth your time or money to continue taking it. If they have been proven to be effective, then you can feel good about purchasing the product. Otherwise, you may want to consider another brand of allergy medication. The important thing to remember is that if a product has not been proven effective in treating your specific allergies, then it is better to skip it and purchase something else.

Allergy attacks can be extremely scary, especially if you are unaware of what is causing the symptoms.

People who suffer from allergy attacks often become very depressed and frustrated. For these individuals, the only way to receive some satisfaction would be to file a United States vs. Lab, Inc., the court case against the manufacturer of Allergy Lab. By doing this, you will receive compensation for your time and suffering and possibly much more.

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