American Home Shield Lawsuits: What You Need to Know

American Home Shield (AHS) is a leading home warranty provider in the United States, offering protection against unexpected repairs for major home systems and appliances. While many homeowners find comfort in AHS’s services, the company has faced legal challenges over the years, raising concerns among potential customers.

Nature of the Lawsuits:

Lawsuits against AHS typically fall into these categories:

Breach of contract: This occurs when AHS denies a repair claim that they should have covered under the terms of the home warranty agreement.
Misrepresentation: This involves accusations of AHS misleading consumers about the coverage provided or the quality of their network of repair technicians.
Unfair business practices: This includes allegations of hidden fees, deceptive advertising, and difficulty canceling service plans.
TCPA violations: These involve complaints about AHS making unwanted robocalls or sending spam text messages.

Examples of Lawsuits:

Several notable cases illustrate the types of complaints brought against AHS:

Faught v. American Home Shield Corp.: This class-action lawsuit alleged that AHS engaged in a pattern of wrongfully denying claims. The case resulted in a settlement that included changes to AHS’s business practices and an opportunity for customers to have denied claims reviewed.
Richardson v. American Home Shield of Texas: This lawsuit accused AHS of misrepresenting the quality of its network of repair technicians. The case was dismissed, but it highlights concerns about the effectiveness of AHS’s repair services.
American Home Shield in TCPA Class Action Case: This recent lawsuit alleges that AHS left prerecorded voicemail messages without consent, violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Impact on Consumers:

While not all lawsuits result in successful claims against AHS, they raise important questions about the company’s practices and potential risks for customers. These legal challenges can impact consumers in several ways:

Increased costs: If AHS denies a claim, homeowners may be left responsible for the full cost of repairs.
Frustration and delays: Navigating the claims process and appealing denied claims can be time-consuming and frustrating.
Lack of transparency: Some customers have complained about unclear communication and difficulty obtaining information about AHS’s policies and procedures.

What to Consider:

Before purchasing an AHS home warranty, it’s crucial to:

Read the terms and conditions carefully: Understand what is covered and excluded under the plan.
Research customer reviews: See what other homeowners have experienced with AHS.
Compare prices and coverage: Consider other home warranty providers available.
Be aware of potential legal issues: Understand the risks associated with AHS and be prepared to advocate for yourself if necessary.


American Home Shield has faced numerous lawsuits, raising concerns about its practices and potential risks for consumers. While it’s important to be aware of these legal challenges, it’s also crucial to consider individual needs and circumstances when making a decision about purchasing a home warranty.


Can I sue American Home Shield?

Yes, you can sue AHS, but your ability to do so may be limited by the terms of your home warranty agreement. It’s best to consult with an attorney to discuss your specific situation.

What are the most common complaints against American Home Shield?

The most common complaints include denial of claims, misrepresentation of services, and unfair business practices.

How can I protect myself if I have an American Home Shield warranty?

Keep detailed records of your communication with AHS, including dates, times, and names of representatives you spoke with. Additionally, document any repair requests and denials, along with any receipts or invoices related to repairs.

Are there any alternative home warranty providers available?

Yes, several other companies offer home warranty services in the United States. It’s important to compare options and choose one that best fits your needs and budget.

What resources are available to help me understand my rights as an American Home Shield customer?

Several consumer advocacy websites and legal resources can provide information about your rights and options if you have a dispute with AHS.

What should I do if I have a problem with American Home Shield?

First, try to resolve the issue directly with AHS by contacting their customer service department. If you are unable to reach a satisfactory resolution, you may want to consider seeking legal advice.


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