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Burn Injury Law Basics

There are a few common types of burn injuries and there are legal options for pursuing a burn injury claim. These injuries usually happen in the workplace, but can also be caused by accidents that involve vehicles, electrocution, or electrical wires. A burn injury law firm specializing in burn injury law is usually needed for help.

Workplace accidents are the most common cause of burn injuries

Burn injuries can occur at any workplace, but there are specific safety measures that employers can take to prevent them. For example, it is important to ensure that employees don’t work in hazardous areas. The American Burn Association lists several factors that can cause burn injuries, including flames, electrical problems, and exposure to hazardous chemicals. While employers should take reasonable steps to prevent workplace accidents, they also have a legal obligation to provide a safe working environment. If a worker is severely burned on the job, they may be entitled to financial compensation. This is especially true if their employer failed to provide a safe working environment. Experienced burn injury attorneys can outline your legal rights and compile evidence to support your case.

Burn injuries at the workplace are particularly common among industrial workers, who are exposed to caustic and corrosive chemicals. While other causes of burn injuries, such as electrical hazards, may be less severe, workplace burns tend to be larger. Additionally, manufacturing facilities are more likely to experience fires and explosions.

Vehicle accidents

Vehicle accidents can cause a wide range of injuries, including burns and head injuries. Burns are especially difficult to treat and can lead to long-term problems with scarring. Treatment may also be very costly, with severe burns often necessitating a skin graft. If you are the victim of a burn accident, it is vital to consult with a burn injury attorney. Your attorney can help you decide whether or not you need to file a lawsuit.

Burn injuries in cars are relatively rare, but can be very serious. According to statistics from 2010, only 0.1 percent of vehicles involved in traffic crashes in the U.S. had burn victims. These victims may have suffered from a wide range of burn injuries, including second and third-degree burns.


Electrocution can be a devastating and life-threatening injury. An electric shock can damage nerves, muscles and organs and may even cause cardiac arrest and traumatic brain injury. The victim may be unconscious or confused after the shock. A person may also suffer permanent scarring from the electrical current.

The effects of electrocution can be devastating to the victim and their family. A personal injury lawyer can evaluate the circumstances of the incident and determine if there may be grounds for a lawsuit. For example, if an electrical product was defective or faultyly wired, legal action may be appropriate.

Electrical wires

If you have been injured by utility wires, you have legal rights to seek compensation for the damages that you’ve suffered. The company or person responsible for the utility wires typically bears the responsibility for damages, but the city or municipality can also be liable. If you were injured while crossing utility wires, you may be able to pursue compensation if you were unaware of the danger.

Depending on the type of electrical burn, your lawsuit may fall under product liability or negligence. In the latter case, you must show that the defendant failed to provide a reasonable level of care to the victim. For example, if a power company failed to secure a live electrical wire in a building, the company may be liable for an employee’s injuries.

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