How to Get the Most out of a Car Accident

When Should I Hire A Car Accident Lawyer?

When you are involved in a car accident the dollar signs can start adding up quickly. It may seem like the cost of a lawyer is just an unnecessary expense. However, the opposite is true. Especially if the car accident is severe and you have suffered an injury in the process, the costs to repair the vehicle, doctor visits, physical therapy and recovery, time away from work, etc. will add up faster than you can imagine. While it is true that if your case is won a car accident lawyer will take a percentage of the settlement, you likely will not be able to get nearly as much money to cover those looming costs without their professional help.

Gathering Important Information

This is a crucial step and it must happen at the time of the accident. Most likely you won’t have a car accident lawyer chosen and on speed dial when you are in a jam. If you are, that’s great. You can call them and they can help with this step. If you are unsure whether or not you will be using the assistance of a lawyer, it is your responsibility to obtain at least the following:

  • Gather the information of the other driver
  • Take detailed pictures of the crash site
  • Note the time and the surroundings
  • Get names and contact information of any witnesses if possible

If you do end up getting a lawyer they will want to use this to build your case. A car accident is a stressful time, but it is important to remember this step if possible to decrease further headache down the road.


If you are feeling any pain whatsoever immediately get into an emergency room or urgent care. Once discharged, make a follow up appointment as soon as possible with your primary care doctor so that you have plenty of evidence in your medical records. If you have an injury that will need rehabilitation, choose therapy over pain medication for a couple of reasons. The more therapy sessions you require, the more money you stand to gain in a settlement. Another huge perk of going the therapy route is you will lessen your risk of dependence on painkillers and instead strengthen your body to meet everyday needs and demands.

No matter how minor or severe your injury is, if you are injured in a car accident it is in your best interest to seek the guidance of a professional. Being injured increases your costs and could decrease your wages as a result. Therefore, you would be wise to consult a car accident lawyer to help you retrieve a fair cash settlement to help cover these costs.

Keep a Paper Trail

Try to keep a paper trail of everything related to the accident.

This could include the following:

  • Hospital Discharge Paperwork
  • Lab Results and Imaging
  • Car Damages Receipts
  • Photographs of the Accident
  • Written Statements of Witnesses

This step will help measure damages and could increase your chances of a more fair compensation. Whether you use an attorney or not, these records will benefit your case and your settlement. This is just a brief list of things you might need to have. Keep anything pertaining to your case, and keep information regarding your accident off of social media as anything you say really can be held against you.

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