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For many people, the divorce process is not an easy one to go through. The Texas divorce laws are notorious in that they are notoriously hard on women. It can be a very difficult time for women when it comes to dealing with the men they were married to, as well as the children they had to raise. A Houston divorce lawyer may be able to help you get the settlement that you deserve.

Divorce lawyers at Ramos Law Group have a lot of expertise when it comes to filing for divorce in Houston. Because Texas is a no fault state, there is no need for a judge to be present when a couple has their initial meeting with the other party’s attorney. There are many Houston lawyers who have experience in handling these types of cases. You can ask your friends and family about which lawyers in Houston they would recommend to help out couples in the same situation.

  • Many of the Houston divorce attorneys have websites that outline all of the information that you will need to know during the filing process. The state of Texas only allows one party to file for divorce at any given time. If you are seeking the help of an attorney to file for your divorce, then you must do this within twenty days of the filing being done.
  • The Texas statute of limitation states that you can only file for divorce with the court within twenty days of the date that the other spouse filed for divorce.
  • Most of the time, it is not immediately obvious whether or not a person has filed for divorce. If someone has moved out of the area that they are living in, they might not have twenty days to file for divorce.
  • In addition to having to file for divorce within twenty days, there is also the option of a “no-fault” divorce. A “no-fault” divorce means that both parties agree that they are not happy with the marriage and that they are seeking divorce from the other party.
  • There is a short waiting period after filing for a “no-fault” divorce, and then that paperwork is submitted to the courts for processing. With a “no-fault” divorce, the spouse filing is not required to prove that they are not the victim of spousal abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse or battery.
  • In order to get a “no-fault” divorce, both parties need to be proven innocent of the crimes that are listed in the divorce decree.

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Child Custody

Houston Divorce Lawyers will also have specific information pertaining to child custody and visitation rights that must be considered. If children are involved in the divorce proceedings, then a Houston Divorce Lawyer is required to put all of the children’s interests under consideration.

That means that the best interests of the child are always going to be taken into account whenever possible and that the divorce lawyer will attempt to procure as much joint physical custody and visitation rights as possible for the child.

There are a couple of issues that come up when dealing with child custody and visitation rights, and a divorce lawyer can help with those as well.


If you are filing for divorce because of adultery, there are actually specific grounds that will be considered. Even if you are filing with just an anger-driven divorce, then adultery is grounds for a Houston Divorce Lawyer to pursue.

If the other spouse is proven to be guilty of adultery, then the marriage can be declared void and the offending spouse can be forced to pay alimony. If the offended spouse is seeking custody of the children, then the adultery issue can definitely be raised during the custody proceedings.

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