Is An Immigration Lawyer Worth The Cost?

Is an immigration lawyer worth the cost? An immigrant often asks himself as in today’s world where everything is at fingertips, do immigrants really need a lawyer to help them through. With the availability of forms, instruction booklet, and a plethora of research data online, does one need an immigration attorney?

Ever since there is a rise in people moving from third-world or war-torn countries, the government fee for visas, adjustment, biometrics, and filing has seen a rising trend as well. Most of the immigrants are unable to pay a hefty fee for immigration solicitor fee, so, is an immigration lawyer worth the expense?

We will get into that later, but first, let us break down the price that immigration lawyer charges.

How much does an Immigration lawyer costs?

It has become quite costly even to get a consultation from an immigration lawyer let alone hiring one. A 30-minute consultation may cost around $75-$150, an hourly rate stands between $150-$300. To get lawyer assistance for form filling costs about $250-$800. A green card immigration lawyer charges around $800-$5000 for green card assistance. Deportation defense costs anywhere in the range of $2000-$10000. An individual has to pay a USCIS fee of around $460-700.

Is an immigration lawyer worth the cost?

Why pay for an immigration attorney? There is no legal restriction to get an immigration lawyer for immigration matters. An individual can represent himself in a simple immigration case but immigration cases are hardly simple.

Hiring a qualified immigration attorney becomes crucial to handle

  • Complex VISA application process
  • Family-based petitions
  • Detention or deportation

If a person believes he is equipped with enough knowledge to help himself in the immigration court, or the case does not have complexities, he is good to go.

However, an immigration lawyer is worth the cost, he can put the application forward efficiently with higher chance of desired outcome.

Minimizing Risk

An immigration lawyer can beat an individual in many areas of law, immigration is a complex process, legal procedures differ for VISA application categories, deportation, and others.

An immigrant may slow it down even more than it already is by omitting important details or not efficiently filling out the paperwork.

An immigration lawyer knows the drill, it is his job to facilitate immigrants, he knows what would be accepted by the authorities and what may raise a red flag.

Working on Deadlines

You can have peace of mind and rest easy as the attorney is taking care of the paperwork, application process, and deadlines. Everything is handled with care and on time.

Desired Outcome

Immigration solicitors go through immigration applications every day, they know how applications should be filled and what makes the authorities approve the application. For a higher chance of success, it is essential to get one.

In summary, immigration cases can be carried out without a lawyer but an immigration lawyer will enhance efficiency while minimizing the risk.

An immigration lawyer is worth the cost for time-sensitive and complex cases. If an individual can not afford immigration lawyer, he can split work to cut down costs. Search immigration lawyer Williston and immigration lawyer Bismarck, you might find an affordable option.

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