Merck Lawsuits

A Merck lawsuit is the worst case scenario for any pharmaceutical company. Merck is a well respected medical research and development company that has been around for decades. All of their products have passed various tests and trials, and they are also used by other major pharmaceutical companies to aid in the development of new drugs. However, they were forced to put their entire business on hold while they were being investigated for fraud related to their flu vaccines, and all of their other medications.

The entire company was taken to task, and several executives were put in jail, as a result of the huge amount of money Merck fraudulently lost during the investigation.

Luckily, they were only one executive, rather than the entire company. They were allowed to keep their license to sell their pharmaceutical products, and they are free to once again produce any of their flu vaccines. However, the damage is done, and any chance of a Merck lawsuit has now been shelved.

As you may have heard already, Merck was developing a vaccine to prevent shingles.

This was supposed to be the “tried and true” against shingles, and it seemed like a great shot at preventing the condition. However, as soon as it was completed, Merck realized that the vaccine was too small and wouldn’t be effective against high risk patients. This caused a huge uproar within the medical community and caused Merck’s stock price to plummet. People were blaming the vaccine for the loss of millions of dollars for Merck, which is why Merck sued them in Federal Court.

These lawsuits show just how big of a mistake the FDA made. The FDA was trying to regulate the manufacturing process, and cut corners when it came to safety.

The FDA didn’t take into consideration the fact that the manufacturing process for the vaccine could cause severe adverse reactions to those who would be taking it. Merck’s attorneys believe that this was the direct reason for the shingles outbreak, as those who had pre-existing conditions would have been excluded from the vaccine. The FDA, on the other hand, believes that Merck was to blame for not making enough informed decisions regarding their product.

With all of the recent Merck lawsuits, one might think that there are more coming down the line. However, this is not the case.

The FDA only introduced one shingles vaccine in the past decade. That means that there are very few cases out there, which makes it incredibly hard to track them all down. There is also the problem that shingles has become such a generic illness that there are generic medications available to treat it, meaning that there is no way to really know which ones are actually effective against it.

While there are many Merck lawsuits filed against the FDA, there are also many who blame the pharmaceutical companies for the shingles outbreaks.

These lawsuits point out that pharmaceutical companies did not test the vaccine for adverse reactions or inform the FDA about the potential risks beforehand. They also point out that Merck was pressured into manufacturing the vaccine by attorneys and physicians. As a result, they do not believe that the FDA did enough to protect consumers. There are Merck lawsuits against several different pharmaceutical companies over the liability in the shingles vaccine.

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