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Most Common type of Federal Weapon Charges

The cases of gun crimes or Federal gun charges are often brought against persons in the US. A person involved in these cases is charged with buying, possessing, and using weapons for criminal purposes.

The people are also booked for smuggling, transporting, and illegally selling or purchasing firearms in the States and around its borders with other countries.

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Here are the four most common types of Federal Weapon Charges:

Illegally Possessed Firearms

If a person purchased or procured a lethal firearm through illegal means, the person is liable to be prosecuted for a Class D Felony. This weapon charge can be brought against anyone for possessing a weapon illegally or without proper government documents.

You may be charged with a felony under relevant acts and statutes for possessing weapons like machine guns, bombs or explosives, switchblades, and sawed-off-shotgun. Such a crime falling under a Class D felony may invite:

  • Prison term running for or up to 10 years
  • Probation for 3 years
  • Cash fine of $250,000 in fines

Smuggling or Trafficking of Weapons & Explosives

It is a major act of felony involving cross-border transportation of weaponry, ammunition, and explosives.

If a person is found to be involved in the following acts, felony charges can be brought against that person:

  • Illegally carrying weapons while crossing the international border
  • Clandestinely transporting a weapon, firearm, and explosive to smuggle them to the US
  • Found to be illegally buying or selling weapons or firearms and explosives

Act of Violence

The smuggling or trafficking of firearms by itself is a violent act inviting punishments that includes jail term and a cash fine. The smuggled firearm can be used for domestic violence purposes involving death (murder) or physical injury (attempt to murder) that may or may not lead to the death of the victim of domestic violence.

The scope of the act of violence is quite wide as far as the firearms are related.

It includes the following conditions and circumstances:

  • Inoperable firearms or weapons found in the possession of the person charged with an act of violence
  • Disassembled weapons found in the possession of the person or in a home
  • Out-of-use firearms found illegally stored in a house or in the possession of a person
  • Locked up firearms without a license is also a crime. If it is found in a home, the house owner may be liable for prosecution.

Fraud or Fraudulently Possessed Firearm

Any illegally acquired firearm is an act of fraud. Such a weapon is a fraud as it may have been procured or purchased from illegal arms sellers or smugglers. Any firearm procured without a government license is an act of fraud.

A wrong selection of gun law attorney may put you in real trouble of being prosecuted and sentenced for long terms. You need to select an experienced and reputed attorney with a proven record of success in defending the clients in gun law charges.

In Conclusion

The scope of Federal Weapon Charges is quite wide. An attorney fighting against these charges under gun law needs to be matured, well-knowledgeable, and experienced. The lawyer should have specialization in relevant laws and statutes. They also need to have a proven track record of defending clients to ensure that the charges are dismissed or if convicted, the prison term or sentence is reduced to the minimum level.

A reputed law firm with a team of gun law experts like The Border Defense Network can be of much help to the defendant fighting these charges. The law firm can play a major role in defending you or the person seeking legal help in proving their innocence.

Possessing a firearm from illegal sources is a very serious offense. It can invite punishments of serious nature like incarceration for up to 10 years and a cash fine. The Border Defense Network has carved out its enviable space in the US as a top criminal defense lawyer. It can assist you in successfully defending any firearm charges levied against you by the law enforcement agency. The firm can help you efficiently handle all types of federal weapon charges.

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