Steps to Take If You Crash Your Truck

A driver’s truck is often their pride and joy. Although you may like to drive it fast, you’re likely a sensible driver who acts responsibly on the road. Nevertheless, accidents happen. What can get them into a situation where their beloved truck collides with another vehicle. In this case, what can you do?

Tell Your Employer

In many instances, you’ll be driving your truck on behalf of an employer. In this case, you must contact your boss and inform them of the situation. Don’t be afraid of the repercussions but rather try to cooperate with them to find a solution. You may find that your employer has fully insured both you and the vehicle, which will save a lot of financial pain.

This is critical if you’re driving the truck for a work-related task. If you crashed it during your commute, then your employer may not be able to help. You should inform them to understand the situation if you’re injured or need paid time off work.

Call Your Insurer if You’re Injured

Unless your employer has agreed to settle this accident with the insurance company, it’s time for you to give them a ring. Hopefully, your truck is fully covered, and your insurer will be able to cover the costs of any repairs needed. Start with a phone call to quickly assess the situation, then follow up with an email.

This gives you an extra opportunity to get your side of the story on record. Ensure that you have attached as much evidence to the email as possible. That means taking plenty of photos of the scene as well as of any other vehicles that might have been involved. Insurance providers often don’t want to pay out, so be prepared to argue your case.

Contact a Lawyer

When a truck accident isn’t your fault, you may not see the need to get a lawyer. However, hiring an attorney isn’t an admission of guilt. Instead, it helps you put across the best possible case. You should already have the number of a lawyer that you trust, but if not, then it’s time to find one.

You can find a specialist truck accident attorney online. Make sure they’re experienced not just in dealing with automobile accidents but specifically with accidents involving trucks. The more specialized and experienced they are, the more likely they will help you achieve a favorable outcome.

Crashing a truck is never your intention, but unfortunately, accidents like this can happen. The key is to remain calm after an accident. Don’t panic. Simply go through the legal steps outlined above, and you’ll eventually reach a fair conclusion. Be sure to get the support of a truck accident lawyer if you need any help navigating this complicated legal world.

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