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The Benefits of Hiring a Construction Attorney

Like all knowledgeable contractors, you take your construction business seriously. In preparation for an upcoming construction project, you always recruit the most experienced staff you can find. To ensure the safety of your employees on the job site, you strictly adhere to all regulatory compliance requirements. You even go out of your way to find the perfect equipment and necessary supplies within budget to meet any new client’s desires.

But, have you considered what you’ll do if something goes wrong? What will you do if you have a potential breach of contract, injury, or defective construction lawsuit to prepare for instead of finishing your construction job with pride? How will you manage if a slight misunderstanding ruins your company’s reputation?

As with most things in life, something is bound to happen in the construction business. Be prepared for whatever happens. If you’ve never considered hiring a construction lawyer before, it’s essential to know the benefits. Here’s what you need to know about hiring a construction attorney from the contract experts at www.potts-law.com.

Solidify Your Construction Contract

Sure, you know the difference between your construction business’ work and that of unlicensed contractors who sell their services through online classifieds. But, how can a client tell the difference between you and a contractor who performs shoddy work?

A professional contract, of course.

You may use the same contract for every construction job, and you’ve never had a problem. Inevitably, there will come a time where you need to utilize a specific clause in a contract if you haven’t already done so at least once before.

However, what if acting on a termination or escalation clause results in a lawsuit? What if doing so shifts liability from one party to another? Ask any experienced contractor, and they’ll tell you to know what you’re getting into before you sign the dotted line.

Fortunately, a contract attorney can help long before it gets out of hand. Talk to a construction lawyer about your contract and ask them to review it on your behalf. They can make sure your construction contract is airtight and professional, seeing to it that your company and personal assets are fully protected.

Handle Payment Disputes

You’ve been doing the work as promised, but the owner isn’t holding up their end of the bargain. Sadly, you aren’t getting paid. Consequently, neither are your contractors or suppliers. So, what can you do to get what they owe you?

The good news is that basic mediation or a simple demand letter will solve most payment disputes. But, there are worst-case scenarios where those options fail. If there is a payment dispute and you’ve had trouble collecting, it is a good idea to speak to a lawyer about enforcing the laws that are in place to help protect you and your business. With an attorney, you’ll be ready to go if the dispute lands itself before a judge in a courtroom.

Workplace Accidents and Injuries

You comply with every safety regulation and enforce daily job-site safety checks to guarantee the health and wellbeing of your crew. But, you can take every safety precaution imaginable, and accidents will still happen. Besides, you can’t help if not everyone is as graceful as a swan, now can you?

If a workplace accident or contractor injury has occurred, it’s crucial to help the injured party heal and protect your company’s assets and reputation from damage. A lawyer can help navigate injury claims and resolve workers’ compensation disputes before they get out of hand.

Make Your Contractual Obligations Clear

Your contract is tried and true. In fact, you’ve used the same contract over and over with zero issues. Sit down with an attorney, however, and they can pinpoint areas where the legalese for your obligations are confusing. And, what happens when a legally binding contract is unintentionally misleading? It might not hold up in the eyes of the law.

Before your contract becomes null and void, it’s best to have a contract lawyer identify potential problems before they start. Ask an experienced contract lawyer to explain your obligations, and that of the owner, in incomprehensible language that even a novice can understand.

Negotiate Better Contract Terms

We all know the type of client who negotiates everything from bottled water costs down to the allowable length of restroom breaks for your workers. How do you handle a nightmare client like this without burning bridges?

You love what you do. But, truth be told, you’re ultimately in the construction business to make money. You didn’t sign up to feel bullied to the point of exhaustion over a penny. Whatever the case with your nightmare client, it’s essential to know your worth and stand up for yourself appropriately. Make sure you are both getting the best value for your efforts with the help of a contract negotiation attorney.

The Circle of Trust

In today’s world, getting new clients requires a lot of work and a well-rounded marketing strategy. Beyond a social media campaign, however, how exactly do you plan on getting more clients to your construction business?

Most companies rely on word of mouth and online reviews as part of their growth plan. But why would an owner send you a referral if they don’t trust your company due to a previous contractual issue? They wouldn’t.

Frankly, a solid contract makes your company look good. It establishes your brand and gives owners the impression that you’re a company they can count on. If you want to grow your construction business without paying for tons of social media ads, a well-written, no-nonsense contract from an attorney will help you get there in no time flat.

Countless contractors have been there before you. Don’t let their difficult lessons become your own and take the advice of contract professionals. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best by consulting with an experienced construction attorney at www.potts-law.com

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