What Are the Different Types of Lawyers That Exist Today?

While you may not have considered it, there might come a time when you’ll need the assistance of a lawyer. The United States has a reputation for being a litigious society and you might need a lawyer to get you out of a rut!

But what are the types of lawyers you should look for? How do you find a great lawyer for your needs?

This quick guide will show you how to hire a lawyer so you can determine the types of lawyers you’ll need to work with.

Here’s what you need to know:

Types of Lawyers You’ll Need

Let’s first look into the types of lawyers you’ll need for various purposes. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll focus on the types of lawyers that the average American would consider.

A civil rights attorney focuses on protecting you if you’ve been deprived of basic civil rights. These can include being a victim of police brutality or bureaucratic corruption for instance.

A criminal law attorney helps you win compensation and justice if you’ve been the victim of a crime.

A constitutional lawyer ensures that you receive compensation if you’ve been stripped off your constitutional rights. These refer to the rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

An immigration lawyer might be crucial even if you aren’t an immigrant. They can help you with hiring immigrants or helping you if you marry a foreigner or wish to adopt a child from overseas.

How to Find the Best Attorney

When you want to look for the best attorney or best law firm, you need to create a shortlist before settling on one. Ideally, all your candidates should meet the following conditions:

Focused area:

the best types of lawyers will focus on a specific branch of the legal industry such as civil law, criminal law, constitutional law, immigration law, etc

Reasonable fees:

You mustn’t ever look for the cheapest lawyer, but don’t be conned by lawyers who overcharge for services

They should give you an estimate of fees during your initial consultation

Excellent communication:

the best attorney will break down the law for you in layman’s terms

They’ll help you understand how they’ll fight your case

Once you’ve created the shortlist of potential candidates then you should spend a few weeks to choose the right one. You want to choose one that has several years of experience in fighting similar cases. Bagertlaw.com has a great reputation for helping ordinary Americans win against intimidating lawsuits.

Hire a Lawyer

Now you know the types of lawyers you’ll likely need and how to hire a lawyer for your needs.

Consider forming connections with the types of lawyers discussed in this guide. You might need to use their legal services one day to protect yourself or pursue your goals.

When looking to hire a lawyer make sure you stick to one who focuses on a specific field. They should charge reasonable fees and offer regular communication.

You can find more great articles on how to hire a lawyer and legal tips on our blog.

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