Product Liability Attorney

What Does a Product Liability Attorney Do?

Have you ever watched the news and heard that a popular toy or food item was recalled from shelves? In that type of situation, a customer was likely harmed by the product, which led to the discovery of the defect.

While most people trust that their products will work properly, sometimes mistakes happen. When they do, a product liability attorney is needed to help out. If you’re in this situation, continue reading to learn more about product liability lawyers.

What Does a Product Liability Attorney Do?

A product liability lawyer provides legal representation for consumers who buy defective products from manufacturers, product designers, and supply chains. Product liability spans over a variety of industries, therefore product liability lawyers have to be well versed in every area. Here are some of the most common cases:

Manufacturing Defects

If there’s a mistake made at some point during the production of a product, it could make the product dangerous and defective. This results in a manufacturing defect.

Design Defects

When it comes to design defects, the consumer alleges that the product was poorly designed and not properly created for consumer use. Generally, design defects affect vast quantities of products and result in recalls.

Marketing defects

If the product’s use, purpose, or warnings aren’t stated on the product label, it has a marketing defect.

How Can a Product Defect Lawyer Help?

A product defense attorney can help if you’ve bought a faulty product and sustained harm because of it. Their job is to get you financial compensation for any harm caused by the defective product.

Product liability lawyers are the key to ensuring the safety of the public and holding manufacturers liable for errors made. Most defective product lawsuits result in a better design for the product, stricter safety precautions during production, and compensation for the victim. Below are some of the areas in which product defects apply:

  • Food
  • Automobiles
  • Toys
  • Medication
  • Furniture
  • Tobacco
  • Home appliances
  • Medical devices

Any of the products above can cause severe harm to the consumer if not executed properly

Should You Call a Product Liability Attorney?

You should absolutely call a product liability lawyer. Generally, product liability lawsuits involve several companies that are responsible for the defect. That’s why it’s essential that you have legal representation on your side so that they can handle things efficiently.

If you are the victim of a malfunctioning product, you deserve compensation for any harm or damage that the product might have caused.

To learn more about how an attorney can help you with a defective product case, click the highlighted link.

Hire a Product Liability Attorney

Honestly, a defective product is dangerous. If you’ve come across any faulty consumer goods, call a product liability attorney as soon as possible. They can help to correct the situation the right way.

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