What Does an Immigration Attorney Do?

The immigration laws in the United States are extremely complicated and are second only to tax laws in their complexities. If a person makes even the smallest mistake in applying for a green card or visa, it can lead to a lengthy delay that could last for months or even years. In severe cases, an applicant may be denied or departed due to simple mistakes or not presenting enough evidence required for the application process.

  • An immigration attorney interprets the immigration laws and can help guide individuals through the complicated steps of the application process. The lawyer will help clients analyze their strategies, possibilities, and rights through each step. In addition, these lawyers help smooth the way so that no mistakes are made that could delay the approval process.
  • There can be an incredible amount of paperwork required, and it can be difficult to get it all organized. So, first, the attorney will explain which documents to collect, such as marriage or birth certificates. Then, they will check this paperwork to ensure that everything is consistent, correct, and clear.
  • The government office approving or disapproving a visa doesn’t know anything about the applicant’s situation, so it’s important to provide the right type of evidence to make things clear. The goal is to get this officer to believe the story presented through the documents provided, testimonies, and statements. If there are any contradictions in the statements made on different forms by chance, this can cause a huge problem. For example, the officer may get confused and deny a visa based on a short statement made that slightly conflicts with another statement presented earlier.
  • Immigration lawyers understand what is wanted and needed by the US government to get a visa approved as quickly as possible. They know what can cause delays and hold-ups based on legal technicalities.
  • If an individual faces removal or deportation proceedings in court, the immigration attorney can look for possible avenues to follow to help deal with the situation. They can also give the client and witnesses advice about the court appearance and what should be said. Finally, they can attend the hearing and the client to help present the case in the best way possible.
  • Things can get very complex and complicated if someone is in the United States with a certain status or visa wants to switch over to a different one. Each type of visa has its own rules and regulations to follow, such as the ability to travel internationally. When a person switches to a different visa, the rules may change, and an immigration lawyer can help clients understand their legal rights with the visas they are currently holding.

It’s important to work with an immigration attorney specializing in this type of law. The immigration laws in the United States continue to evolve, and immigration attorneys are updated about the new regulations that have been put into effect regularly.

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