5 Signs That You Are in the Right Profession

Work is work, there’s no getting around it. Even if you are in your dream job, there will still be bad days and days when you consider quitting. So how can you know if the profession you are in right now is the right one for you? Here are some signs you should keep an eye out for when looking to answer that question.

1. You enjoy the work when it’s going well

It’s hard to have fun when things are going poorly. Deadlines, demanding clients, and stressful bosses can all suck the joy out even of the most interesting professions out there. So instead of thinking about how you feel about your profession when things are at their worst, try to consider how you feel when things are going well.

If your work feels boring and dreary even when nothing goes wrong, that’s probably not the right profession for you. And if you can’t remember the last time things went well on your job, the real issue might be that you are working in a toxic work environment. Be careful about separating the two, lest you give up on your career in the financial sector too soon. If the workplace is the problem, talk to a financial industry employment lawyer, and then see about finding work in a more friendly environment.

2. You feel motivated in the morning

Again, there will be days when this isn’t the case. But if you find yourself motivated in the morning more often than not, chances are your current profession is a good match for you.

3. You often talk about your job

A part of being excited about what you do is constantly wanting to tell people about it. It’s something you might do without even realizing it, so ask people close to you if you talk about your job a lot. If the answer is a unanimous yes, then you might appreciate your current position a lot more than you realize. Unless all the talking you do is to complain about your job, of course.

4. Time flies while you’re working

Anyone who’s worked on a job they hate will remember how slowly each hour seemed to drag on while they were on the clock. When you’re working on something you enjoy you get the opposite effect. There will be slow and boring parts, but there will also be times when you get on a roll and several hours fly by without you even noticing it. If you’re lucky, moments like that will even happen every day.

5. You enjoy spending time with your co-workers

This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, but enjoying your co-workers can be a sign that you are working in the right place. That’s because a profession that suits you well is also likely to attract more people like you. And being surrounded by like-minded people will generate an instant feeling of comradery among workers, especially if you’re working in a positive environment.

6. You constantly want to learn

It’s always a good sign when you enjoy learning about the job as much as the job itself. This is especially a good sign if you have been on the job for months and you still want to learn more and improve.

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