4 Tips to Help Prevent Brain Injuries in Everyday Life

Brain injuries are some of the worst types of injuries you can get as you go about your life. That’s because it doesn’t take a big trauma to put you in a position where you’ll need months to recover proper motor function, or even to cause permanent brain damage. The good news is that there is plenty you can do to reduce the likelihood of you suffering a brain injury as you go about your daily life.

As for brain injuries caused by other people’s mistakes and negligence, that’s a risk that’s harder to minimize. But at least you can get proper compensation after such an injury with the help of a good brain injury attorney.

1. Wear seat belts

Car accidents and falls are two of the most common causes of accidental brain injuries. And while car accidents are a somewhat unavoidable risk, you can reduce the likelihood of a crash leading to brain injuries by wearing your seatbelt at all times. A seat belt will help reduce how far your body jolts around during a sudden crash or stop, which can reduce the chances of you getting a concussion. Seat belts will also keep you on your seat if your car rolls over, which prevents you from hitting the ceiling of the car head-first.

2. Be careful while under the influence

You are statistically much more likely to suffer brain injuries while under the effect of alcohol and other mood suppressants. Remember how falls and car accidents are the two biggest causes of brain injury? Well, being drunk increases your chances of being involved in both. Alcohol reduces your reaction speed and motor coordination, which makes both types of accidents more likely.

The solution is to 1) never drink while under the influence of alcohol and 2) avoid moving around too much if you’re drunk. Having friends around who can help support you while you walk can help prevent injuries, and if you’re frequently drunk enough to fall around, get rid of low tables and cover sharp corners around your house with protective foam. Falling itself is already dangerous, but hitting your head on something sharp on your way down will greatly increase your chances of suffering serious injuries.

3. Wear proper head protection

Make sure you wear proper head protection whenever riding on bikes, scooters, motorcycles, skateboards, and anything else that will toss you on the pavement when things go wrong.

4. Be careful around the house

At-home trips and falls are a leading cause of injury around the world, and it doesn’t just happen when you’re drunk. All it takes is one bad fall from a step-ladder to land you in the hospital with a serious concussion, or worst. So make sure you’re careful around the house, and keep the floor of the house free of slipping hazards as much as possible. Loose carpets, toys with wheels, and shoes and sandals spread around the place can all increase the risk of a trip and fall.

It’s also wise to avoid climbing on chairs and sofas when trying to reach high places. Instead, invest in a small step ladder you can use indoors, and make sure it’s rated to support your weight.

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